Nug Life Club

The Nug Life Club is an exclusive membership group for cannabis investors, personalities, operators, connoisseurs and enthusiasts.  Ownership of a Nug Life Club Lifetime Pass-able Membership provides utility within the real world immediately with the 30% Lifetime Discount on anything sold through Nug Life Club and on   Additionally, as the community grows, so will the benefits to include: access to private events and afterparties; exclusive discounts and promotions; licensing opportunities; and most importantly be locked in at the top tier for the earning aspects of the byReefer social marketing ecosystem.   Owners also own the artwork on their membership and can use this for commercial purposes outside of our ecosystem, while we intend make opportunities to available to all users within our platform.

The Lifetime Pass-able Membership price is a one time fee of 0.084 ETH.  The price of ETH does fluctuate, but the approximate cost of the membership is ~$150. As long as you maintain ownership of the membership, you will have access to all benefits, no additional purchases necessary!

Current ETH Price


Nug Life Club Lifetime Pass-able Membership owners will receive several benefits of including:

  • Members Only discount at the Nug Life Club Online Store, 30% off all apparel and products from leading cannabis accessory brands like Puffco, Storz & Bickel, PAX, G PEN, My Bud Vase, Eyce, Dr. Dabber, Santa Cruz Shredder and more!
  • Exclusive access to events and after parties
  • Additional opportunities to earn within out social marketing ecosystem
  • Access to exclusive content, promotions and giveaways
  • Ownership of Intellectual Property and ability to reuse commercially

In summary, the Nug Life Club Lifetime Pass-able Membership will have immediate real world utility from day one with great things to come as we grow the community and ecosystem.

The Nug Life Club Lifetime Pass-able Membership sale is live now, buy here.

To purchase you will need an Ethereum Wallet such as and 0.0840 ETH + Gas Fees in that wallet for each Nug Life Club Lifetime Pass-able Memberships you intend to purchase.

Once your wallet is prepared, go to our Public Mint page and connect your wallet.  From here just click on Mint and then approve the transaction.  Your newly minted Lifetime Pass-able Memberships will instantly land in your wallet!

To view your Passes you can go to and import your wallet.

A NFT or non-fungible token is a unique digital identifier that cannot be copied, substituted, or subdivided, that is recorded in a blockchain, and that is used to certify authenticity and ownership. Basically its a unique and verifiable, piece of art that can also have additional functions beyond looking awesome!

We utilize the NFT technology as a way to track ownership of the memberships that is public and transparent which will allow for us to evolve a much stronger community.

The Nug Life Club Collection Art are a 4200 x 7100 pixel randomly generated image comprised of over 300 hand drawn assets spread across eight layers that are meant to represent the stoners in all of us.  We utilized some iconic imagery to connect with cannabis consumers of all ages, making for a very eclectic experience:

  • Background (appears in 100% of Collection)
  • Strain (appears in 100% of Collection)
  • Eyes (appears in 100% of Collection)
  • Expression (appears in 100% of Collection)
  • Tattoos (appears in ~20% of Collection)
  • Topper (appears in ~75% of Collection)
  • Accessory (appears in ~75% of Collection)
  • Foreground (appears in ~25% of Collection)


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